Lamipan ®

The Gentas Lamipan® product features outstanding features such as increased resistance to scratches, hygienic, easy cleanability, without moisture and mold retention, increased surface resistance required by industry for modular furniture, office furniture, all bedding, dining and young room furnishings and Super High Gloss® glossy laminate panels produced with Gentas quality.

Gentas Lamipan® product with two different panel shapes as MDF or CHIPBOARD in dimensions of 1220x2440, rich color option, Gentas Lamipan® product has been presented for the use of the producers in the decoration and architectural solutions of living spaces based on environment and human health in their production stages and usage areas.

The Gentas Super High Gloss® glossy laminate panel offers a time and cost advantage to producers thanks to its superb gloss laminate panel with foil coating on one surface and laminate lining on the other side, installation ability with direct dimensioning during the production phase and foil coating to prevent scratching during production.

The Super High Gloss® laminate panel produced with Gentaş Quality with color alternatives and superior technical properties have all the TSE and world standards in its field with human-focused living space decoration and production processes based on human health.

Suntalam / MDF-lam
Thickness Range : 18 mm
Dimensions : 1220 x 2440 mm - 1220 x 2800 mm

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