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The Gentaş Group of Companies, which was established in 1972 in the district of Mengen in the province of Bolu, is a joint-stock company traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange since 1991. Mission of the Group is to be customer satisfaction-focused, to constantly grow and develop, able to compete on international platforms, as well as being sensitive to its environment and contributing to its country

Having gained a leading position in the sector with significant contributions to Turkish economy and employment, Gentas Group has become the pride of the country's economy with the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Certificate, which is one of the most important indicators of international quality standards. The company has adopted the principle of delivering it produces by the affiliated companies to the consumers with a superior service understanding by registering their quality with the international organizations. 

Gentas, an indispensable brand with its vision of transforming the knowledge and experience it has gained over the years in the wood products sector into quality, continues its pioneering position in the CPL, HPL and compact laminate sectors in the industry and remains the first and only producer in Turkey and one of the leading producers in the world in Werzalit production. 

Gentas Group is updating its policies in order to adapt to the rapidly changing dynamics in the global business environment and to flexibly and rapidly meet the needs of the market shaped in parallel with this. In this context, the Company focuses more on customer-oriented works and develops marketing and business strategies by adopting customer satisfaction as its principle.

Gentas Group, which focuses on increasing productivity and quality in production, customer satisfaction and happiness of employees, and providing more benefit to the country's economy and employment day by day, continues to gradually increase its contribution to the sector.

Affiliates of the Gentas Group as follows:


Our Company, which has an open area of 200.000 m2 in Mengen district of Bolu province, is producing two different products in two plants. Our plant, which started with Gentaş Werzalit in 1979, still works with full capacity in a 20.000 m2 closed area and manufactures according to TSE 4616 standards, produces table tops, school tables, building profiles and chairs. Our plant, which produces 2.000.000 pieces per year, keeps our flag proudly flying in more than 40 countries in 5 continents. 


Genmar A.S. was established in 1993 within the Group in order to create distribution network of Werzalite and metal products in Turkish market produced by our group. Genmar A.S., which adopts the principle of keeping up with today's technological developments and incorporating it into its business, has continued to develop itself with R&D studies and, it has made a step towards becoming a solution partner to architects, designers and other professionals working in the project sector by creating Tavilo brand in 2008. Our plant, which produces special tables made of compact laminate and acrylic materials in 6800 m2 indoor area in Mengen, also offers aesthetic solutions for decoration field by putting up the flooring unit.


In 1997, the first HPL press was commissioned and plate laminate production started. After the introduction of CPL press in 1998, it became the first factory to produce both plate and roll laminate production under a single roof. Gentas Laminat, which doubled its capacity by 100% with an investment in 2008, has become one of the world's leading laminate producers thanks to the 25.000 m2 closed area, annual production capacity of 18.000.000 m2 and export to 5 continents. 


The Company which joined the Gentas Group of Companies on August 09, 2000 as a result of the privatization, manufactures Fiberboard, HPL plate laminate and impregnated paper in a closed area of 35.000 m2 in an open area of 200.000 m2.

Since the date of its affiliation to the Gentas Group of Companies, our company has been making continuous investments and has a production capacity of 11.000.000 m2 of HPL plate laminate production per year. The company continues to contribute to the product range of Gentas Laminat with plate laminates in different size and feature. Our company, which adopts continuous development as its principle, contributes to the economy and employment of Turkey with the sales it has done both in Turkey and abroad.


Our Company which was established in order to meet the glue and resin needs of Gentas Group companies started to produce in Tuzla Chemical Industry Organized Industrial Zone on March 13th, 2000 and became one of the leading companies in the sector in a short time. The company is engaged in the production in an indoor area of 2500 m2 built on an open area of 7200 m2, producing 20.000 tons of resin and 50.000 tons of formaldehyde per year. Our company, which is focused on gradually increasing efficiency, good quality, customer satisfaction and contributing more to the economy and employment of the country, continues to grow in the sector.


Our Group of Companies, which has adopted the principle of constantly growing, developing and innovating in line with its experience, vision and goal of becoming a world brand for 44 years, has also included the brand of Liri Industriale which is one of the first laminate producers of Europe and Italy in 2014.


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