G-Skate® is a high-pressure laminate produced for use as the surface of skateboard ramps. Laminates are produced from different layers of the impregnated paper (phenolic for the core and melamine for the surface) by pressing in the high pressure hydraulic press that exposes the impregnated paper layers to high temperature (up to 150°C) and high pressure values (up to 90 Kg/cm²).


G-Skate® is manufactured to have a HPL core feature that demonstrates superior performance in terms of a special surface treatment technology for superior surface performance (high abrasion resistance, low slip effect and high impact resistance suitable for use in hard and soft skate rollers) and mechanical properties (tensile strength, flexural-bending strength, low thermal expansion coefficient and high electrical resistance).



EN Classification: CGS, CGF

EN 438 - 4


Thickness: 4 mm- 12 mm


1220x2440 mm 

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