It is a laminate and compact laminate product produced by coating metals such as a thin layer of aluminum, copper or stainless steel on the surface instead of decorative paper.


Thanks to its protective foil, G-Alu® is resistant to impacts which can occur on metal surfaces during transportation and manufacturing. The surface of the material is easily cleaned with a damp cloth and a light cleaning material that does not contain abrasives.


The product is preferred in interior decoration and furniture industry thanks to its modern design line, different texture and special surfaces. It is recommended to use it indoors and on vertical surfaces. It is recommended not to remove the foil during the application phase.


G-Alu®  SR

The product is metal laminate with increased scratch resistance.

Special products and techniques have been used during production to increase scratch resistance.

It is suitable for surface usage and easy to clean.


EN Classification:  CGS , HGS , HGP , VGS , VGP

EN: 438 - 3 / 4 / 8


Thickness: 0,50 mm –  20 mm


HPL : 1300x3050 mm – 1300x2800 mm

CPL : 1220 mm - 1300 mm  - 1400 mm


Please contact us for customized dimensions and colors. 

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